a graphical traffic monitor

nwload is a graphical utilitiy, so a few pictures demonstrate nwload's abilities probably more than many words. Here they are:

screen shot Two examples of a typical traffic display. nwload adapts to any window size, can be resized while it is running and always uses available space to yield full resolution.
screen shot
nwload's main menu. nwload differs from other similar utilities in that it is designed as a measurement tool, i.e. it tries to be as exact as is possible in a non-realtime environment. It doesn't autoscale to yield curves which look impressive but can't be interpreted, but offers various options and submenus to set X and Y axis scaling. menu example
another menu example One of nwload's submenus. This one is for setting the horizontal grid lines (Y grid spacing).

• Some random notes:

nwload can be used to monitor any networking device in a GNU/Linux environment. Y axis display (traffic values) will be exact within the limits of the kernel's counter under any load circumstances; X axis (time) display will be exact as long as rescheduling delays its execution for no more than 2 sampling intervals (e.g. 2 sec for a typical application).
nwload allows you to save its settings to a file from where they are reloaded on startup. You can have a look at its man page for a detailed description. There is also an INSTALL file if you have questions about installation details. Generally, there is nothing specific here: Make sure that you have Python and Tkinter (which is a part of Python) installed, then simply type "make install".

• Download:

nwload is available here as a gzipped tar file. Current version is v0.2e. There are currently no updates planned - there are no topics on the todo and wish lists -, but I'll continue to support it as long as traffic suggests that there is some interest in it (and probably for some amount of time after that).

• Version history:

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